Backend Development

develop, deliver and run Microservices instantly

 What is SubKit?

How it works?

  • All you need is code

    Build Microservices by custom JavaScript code. No servers, no provisioning and always secure at your GitHub account.

  • Connect your apps

    SubKit runs your code as HTTP request/response task, background job and server-side rendered HTML/Markdown.

  • Take the advantage

    Designed for fast and flexible development processes with an unbeatable time to market. Stay smart and focus to your apps.

 Use cases  FAQ

Code Console

  • Write and run code instantly

    Just enter your custom code and run it immediately for a fast and flexible development cicle. There are no additional steps required to release your Microservices.

  • Full-Access

    Write your code with full JavaScript, NodeJS, ExpressJS access and use a lot of popular NPM modules.

  • Live Preview

    Run you code immediately after every update and track the outputs near real time. Start with the "runtime fast fail" development cicle and optimize your software design and code step by step.


  • Secure access

    Protect the access to your Microservice by API-Key, IP restrictions and custom SSL certificates.

  • Runtime parameters

    Add and remove runtime configuration parameters and use key/value pairs in your custom code.

  • HTTP endpoint routings

    Create percentual weighted HTTP endpoint reroutings from any URL to different Microservices. A/B testing and custom domains is a small step.

  • Data import & export

    Import and export your personal data as JSON.


  • Activity tracking

    Observe your Microservice HTTP requests/responses, outputs and errors near real time.

  • Usage insights

    Analyse the usages of your Microservice and optimize your software design and code.

  • Notifications

    Stay informed - received Email alerts as soon as unusual behavior is detected.


  • Extentable custom code snippets

    Prepared custom code templates that make your life easier.

  • Live Preview

    Watch how the template works and decide what adjustments are needed.